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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Rehab tomorrow

Dad is having a "peg" placed in his side today. This is so he can be fed without a feeding tube. Please pray everything goes well.

Dr. Norwood says he will be placed in Rehab tomorrow to begin working on becoming mobile. Last night my brother was noticing Dad seems to be becoming more clear mentally. Today Brittany and Terri visited dad and Terri seems to detect some more clarity as well. Once again, an ICU nurse encouraged us about dad's mental condition with the words: "He's going to make it--he will be fine."

I've been preparing lessons for this weekend and I've been confronted with a lesson from the story about the Israelite king Ahaziah from 2 Kings 1. The text warns against our attempt to reduce everything to controllable forms. The wind blows where it will and we cannot contain it. We cannot have life according to our own terms. In the end, it is in God's hands.

It always was.

Again, to everyone: thank you for your prayers and beautiful words of support and comfort. Please continue to offer your prayers on my dad's behalf!

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