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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Update on my dad

Please continue to pray for my father. It seems he took an inexplicable turn for the worse. The Doctors thought he had a stroke so they ordered a CT scan. While the scan turned up some blood pooling on his brain, it was not enough to cause the lethargic reaction. It did not appear to be a stroke. However, the Doctor is asking a neurologist to look at it.

The Doctor also painted a very bad case scenario. If he takes another down turn it could require more surgery. More surgery requires ventilator. If he goes on a vent, then he will not come off of it. From personal conversations I know this is something dad would not want (and the brothers are all in agreement on this). In all fairness, this particular Doctor has always given the worst case scenarios and he is not the lead surgeon.

This evening the nurse said he was responding better and perhaps the crisis was over. I'm beginning to be very cautious with my optimism at this point.

Please pray for his recovery. Pray he will recover not only physical health but clarity of thought and expression.

God bless you and thank you so much for your prayers, thoughtful telephone calls, and emails!

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