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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dad is doing better

Dad is doing much better today. The Doctor I spoke with this morning said the reaction he had yesterday was a drug reaction, not a stroke. They are now talking about rehab and what to do after rehab.

There is so much to decide. Three brothers living in three different places. Ideal situation we all agree is dad to be at home if necessary with nursing care. This may not be the real situation though. If he can overcome his confused state and understand the situation then much of the problem would be relieved. We just don't know if and when that will happen.

Please pray for his continued progress. Pray for his mental clarity. Pray God will give three brothers unity in spirit and heart. We all love dad, there is no question of that. But we need to be able to reach consensus. Ask God to direct all three of us.

Thank you for your continuing prayers and concerns!

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