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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Eve with Dad

Dad is still in Rehab at ETMC. We spent Christmas Eve with him. We have a lot of hope--we are seeing him showing more and more clarity of mind and sense of humor. Of course, as a pharmacist, he is anything BUT a good patient. He knows more than the nurses about medication and so he is glad to point out while he will take the pill they are giving him, he does not want to because it's not that effective (in his opinion).

We did have a scare a few days earlier. His white blood count went haywire and his blood pressure bottomed out. They sent him to the emergency room. Evidently he had pulled his catheter and caused an infection. They tripled him up on antibiotics.

Dad still has problems with getting the right words. But he is very aware of his difficulty. Clay and Janice (my brother and sister-in-law) had actually started making flash cards (I think that's what they told me) in order to help dad reprogram words. I am told this is very good therapy for people with head trauma.

Dad wanted me to let everyone know just how much he appreciates the prayers and words of encouragement. He, too, believes God hears the prayers of his children and he is convinced God is listening to your prayers on his behalf.

I pray your Christmas was wonderful and filled with memories that will last a lifetime! (Oh, and in case anyone is wondering: the picture is the Willis Family Pic for Christmas 2006).

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