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Monday, May 11, 2009

Poets who read their own poems have other bad habits, part 2

Made For Flight

You feel the earth beneath your feet.
It gives you comfort, not like the silver
cigars in the air. Oh, you know
the odds. But just the same, you like
the feel of solid ground. And that
is who you are.

sun baked face, dirt under nail,
lungs that fill with the sweet musty smell
of pine and manure

Those cracked, calloused hands
have seen enough abuse for ninety
years, but not so much they cannot
gently cradle a grandchild's hand
as you wander the fields together, or mend
the broken wings of those made for flight.

Poem by Darryl Willis in honor of Park Willis

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Brittany said...

This is absolutely beautiful, Dad. You are so talented and the best dad ever. :)