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Monday, October 29, 2007


Singer/Songwriter Sinead O'Connor has produced a haunting two CD set titled Theology. Ms. O'Connor emerged from her self-imposed "retirement" and theological studies to record nine original compositions while covering We People Who Are Darker Than Blue and Tim Rice's I Don't Know How To Love Him.

Other than those two songs, all of the songs are interpretations of Biblical texts from Psalms, Song of Songs (Solomon), Isaiah, and Job. I found Watcher of Men (Dublin session) from Job to be particularly moving. My wife found it grating, but it was quite obvious this was the intended effect--given the subject matter and content of Job's complaint to God.

Some have wondered, rather cynically I might add, if Sinead is merely trying to break into the popular evangelical praise music genre. These songs don't fit that mold. I tend to give her the complete benefit of the doubt.

Having said that, the worse thing that could happen is for this music to be covered by church bands and turned into some praise worship for evangelical boomer/buster churches. Imagine The Rolling Stones as Muzak and you'll get the idea! I don't see how anyone can interpret these songs better than Sinead.

A word about the two CD format. Both CDs have the same songs (with exception of I Don't Know How To Love Him and Hosanna Filio David). The London session is with full rock combo while the Dublin session is an acoustic string quartet (including guitar, violin and mandolin). Personally I am rather fond of the Dublin recording--although both have their strong points.

If you want to hear some very powerful and earthy songs from scripture, I heartily recommend Sinead O'Connor's Theology!

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