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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Now Rod Stewart Joins the Act!

A few months ago I made a couple of posts regarding how our culture has really taken a downward slide into contempt by the way we speak to others. My point was "cursing", while culturally relative, was a demonstration of contempt for another human being. It also demonstrates poor use of one's own language and a cheap way to get someone's attention.

Now, World Entertainment News reports that following the Live Earth concerts, singer Rod Stewart was so disturbed by the foul language dominating the event- he pledged to cut out swearing at a recent performance!

Wow. I'm almost speechless.

In the same article WEN noted, "Comedian Chris Rock's foul-mouthed appearance at Live Earth London prompted TV host Jonathan Ross to apologise to viewers."

Stewart was quoted as saying in a following concert, "I listened to people 'effing and blinding' during the Live Earth Concert last weekend and it just sounded so cheap.

"If you hear me swear on stage I'll give you all a tenner."

Thank you, Rod Stewart!

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