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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Quotes from Alan Hirsch

One of the purposes of Thoughts to Ponder is actually to get my readers to think. Whether you agree with my writing or the occasional excerpt is not the point. What I hope you do is reflect and discuss. Share the quote below with your friends and discuss, debate, and converse.

"It is remarkable to me that the theologically most fertile parts of the Bible are all, yes all, set in the context of the people of God facing significant danger and chaos...Whether it is an Abraham called to leave home and journey, or in the harrowing experiences of the Exodus and Exile, whether it is David's adventures, Jeremiah's struggles, Jesus' ministry, or the book of Acts, none of these were stable situations. They were dynamic and even life-threatening.

"[What are] The role of leaders in the equation? ...Adaptive leadership moves the system to the edge of chaos, not over it, but to the edge of it...the leader's role is to ensure that the system is directly facing up to the issues that confront it, issues that if left unattended will eventually destroy it. If people in the organization never serously face the probelm and stay with it for a reasonable time, they will never feel the need to move to find a genuine and more lasting solution...It is the role of transformative leadership to 'sell the probelm before you try evoking a solution,' because it is at the 'edge of chaos' where real innovation takes place." -Alan Hirsch, The Forgotten Ways: Reactivating the Missional Church

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